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                MAX RANGE | 150+ mi

                CRUISE SPEED | 130+ mph

                MAX PAYLOAD | 900+ lbs

                Proven performance for your Mission;

                Prosperity I opperates at a lower seat mile cost
                than any vertical takeoff aircraft available today.

                Game Changing
                Electric Propulsion

                At AutoFlight, we utilize AG九游会 latest ag九游游戏官网 in Distributed Electric Propulsion...

                ...providing an aircraft that is Quiet, Safe and Efficient to Operate.

                AUTOFLIGHT IN THE NEWS

                • AutoFlight starts in Europe

                  AutoFlight starts in Europe

                  Airtaxi ‘Prosperity I’ targets certification by 2025

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                • AutoFlight Wins
Team Global as investor

                  AutoFlight Wins
                  Team Global as investor

                  Autoflight receives $100M to develop its safe, clean, quiet and affordable Air-Taxi

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                • The Economist

                  The Economist

                  Flying taxis are lining up for certification

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                • Aviation Week

                  Aviation Week

                  AutoFlight Sets Up In Europe To Certify eVTOL
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                • EVTOL.COM


                  AutoFlight ramps up certification program with new European site

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                • Prosperity I Achieves Transition Test Flight

                  Prosperity I Achieves Transition Test Flight

                  Watch our first ag九游网页版登录入口 completion of AG九游会 proof-of-concept, ag九游网页版登录入口 test flight

                  Read More


                • TIAN

                  FOUNDER & CEO

                  Start electric R/C aircraft business from 1999, produced more than 10 million electric power airplanes.Expert in electric aircraft design, obtained more than 300 related patents.Visiting professor at NUAA. SEP program at Stanford University. FAA fixed-wing & helicopter license with thousands of flight hours.
                • Omer Bar-Yohay

                  Omer Bar-Yohay

                  Mr. Omer Bar-Yohay is AutoFlight's President. Previously, Omer founded and was CEO of fixed wing electric aviation leader, Eviation. Omer is a true electric aviation pioneer, largely AG九游会 for AG九游会 ag九游网页版登录入口 design and development of Eviation's Alice aircraft.
                • Mark R. Henning
Managing Director AutoFlight Europe GmbH

                  Mark R. Henning
                  Managing Director AutoFlight Europe GmbH

                  The aeronautical engineer and graduate of Munich’s Technical University has worked in AG九游会 aviation industry for 26 ag九游游戏官网. Mr. Henning started his career at DASA and held leadership positions at EADS and Eurocopter. Previously, he was Manager for Governmental Business at AG九游会 helicopter division of Airbus and head of product EC135.
                • CHAD CASHIN

                  CHAD CASHIN

                  Mr. Cashin is AutoFlight's Chief Commercial Officer. An eVTOL industry veteran and early commercial leader, Chad formerly led Business Development at Joby Aviation and Infrastructure efforts at Uber Elevate.
                • LUKASZ GADOWSKI

                  LUKASZ GADOWSKI
                  BOARD MEMBER

                  Lukasz Gadowski is AG九游会 board member of Autoflight and a Series-A investor. Mr. Gadowski is AG九游会 ag九游网页版登录入口 founder and CEO of Team Global and founder of Delivery Hero. He has been investing in AG九游会 eVTOL industry for 5 ag九游游戏官网.